Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Alma 1-4

In Alma 1:21 we see that the people of the Church have been persecuted by those who do not believe. They are being mocked and even killed for their belief. During this time it would be easy for the members of the Church to lose hope and faith, lose patience in Heavenly Father and in their persecutors. If they did any of these things they would be in the wrong. If, for example, when a non-believer was treating a believer poorly, and the believer could have easily turned and treated the non-believer just as poorly, but instead, they refrained from treating their own people and any other people poorly, and were richly blessed for it.

Today, we are treated badly by all sorts of people, those who hate Mormons, those who are Mormon, and those who know nothing about Mormons. But, like Christ counseled us, we turn the other cheek. We treat each person with kindness despite their actions towards us.

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